Welcome to Shah Token the future of crypto.

With Shah Token, there are no limits that will ever be reached. Shah Token known as ST Coin, listed on the Binance Smart Chain, will bring a new opportunity to retailers to get rid off credit card processing fees and other hidden charges, with credit and debit cards. With ST Coin, retails will not only save money, but gain profit from the rising value of ST Coin. Big corporations such as Shah Enterprise and small business owners will avoid paying hefty fees to credit card companies and third-party companies (Only Crypto Gas Fees).

ST Coin developing a platform for retailers and consumers for a better everyday experience.

Future Corporations Benefits:
1. Rid of processing fees
2. No time hold on cash
3. No hidden fees/charges
4. Company Asset
5. User friendly
6. 24/7 Customer Service
7. Accessible Internationally
8. Privacy
9. Security
10. Cash out anytime

Consumer Benefits:
1. Widely Supported Payment Method
2. Instant Transaction
3. No hidden fees/charges
4. New Asset
5. User friendly
6. 24/7 Customer Service
7. Accessible Internationally
8. Privacy
9. Security
10. Cash Out Anytime

The Shah Token Coin's main goal unlike other coins is to eliminate the restrictions of todays currency for both the consumer and the retailer.

From our launch the feedback has been phenomenal, ST is up thousands of times and is constantly expanding its reach. As all things grow when first created, Shah Token is getting listed on different exchanges for people to access all around the world.

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A teaser of our next project CB Coin. Stay tuned for future news about this upcoming token!

Coming Soon

Ah what is this we have here? A new project, a new coin? Well will just have to see what the future stores!

Coming Soon

ST Coin Tokenomics

Supply: 100 Trillion
Tokens Burnt: None
Distribution: 2%

100% Transparency

✓ Contract
✓ Locked Liquidity
✓ Contract Audited
✓ Whitepaper
✓ Charts on DEXTools
✓ Shah Token Launching
✓ PancakeSwap Listing
✓ DEXTools Listed
✓ DexGuru Chart Listed
✓ Contracts Audit

Phase 1

Listing on Gallion wallet
Additional CEX listings
Strategic Partnership Expansion
20,000 Holders

Phase 2

ST Swap Launch
ST Crypto-Exchange Launch
ST Wallet
50,000 Holders

Phase 3

$1 million dollars towards Covid relief
ST NFT Launch
100,000 Holders

Phase 4

Shah Token Road Map

ST Prediction

A betting marketplace for Meme Tokens

Coming Soon

ST Index

A dedicated Index for Meme Tokens. Follow, research and discover Trending Tokens with ST Index.

Coming Soon

ST Exchange

An emerging exchange platform for all tokens.

Coming Soon


A Market-Place for Shah Token Finance's NFTs

Coming Soon

Where to buy?

ST while gaining popularity all around the globe its launch on platforms have only just begun. As of right now the best way to purchase ST Coin is through DEXTools or the PancakeSwap exchange by swapping cryptocurrency to ST coin. While this is our main method of purchase, Shah Token is developing an ST Coin Swap, a platform where you can directly purchase the token without going through numerous steps.

Step by Step Guide


Create MetaMask wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive ST.


Send BNB to your wallet

First you want to connect to the Binance Smart Chain network when transfering BNB by going on https://bscscan.com/. You can buy Binance (BNB) directly from exchanges like eToro, Binance, etc. then transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet (Side Note: Every exchange has their own rules on transferring check beforehand before buying and transferring). Once that is complete, go to your MetaMask wallet and click add token and paste the tokens address to view the coin.


Connect your wallet to DEXtools

Connect your wallet to DEXTools by heading to the side menu and head to ‘User Account’ and select MetaMask then head back to ST Coin on DEXTools.


Swap BNB for ST

You can start swapping as soon as you have BNB available! Press ‘Select a token’ and import the token address by copying it which will be listed below.

Shah Token Address

Here is the address of ST Coin to be looked up in exchanges such as PancakeSwap as well as informational sites like BSC Scan, PooCoin and many more!


The majority of the Meme Tokens do not have a structured ecosystem capable of accommodating them all. Shah Token Finance provides a comprehensive and quality platform for Meme Tokens, delivering reliable and fast transactions. As with other coins in the cryptocurrency industry, Meme Tokens require a unique way of relationship building and interacting with each other. The Shah Token Finance platform will provide this environment and delivers the best user experience. Our cutting edge technology will provide all Meme Token owners with the best products via our ecosystem, and guarantees a first-class experience for all.

We are very pleased to say that ST Coin has been audited by TechRate click here to view.

Meme Token projects have recently begun trending. However, only a limited number of these projects have the potential and ability to break through and succeed. The remaining Meme Tokens, which lack utility, will have limited appeal and durability. Additionally, these Tokens cannot be consolidated into a robust community. Shah Token Finance brings together Meme Tokens in order to assist them in achieving their primary goals. Our mission and focus is to develop an ecosystem, dedicated to Meme Tokens and their users.

ST Coin is to lead the future of crypto with actual credibilty and goals rather than your average pump and dump meme token that are seen everywhere. Majority of meme tokens are either a scam or do not have any type of purpose that would uphold its longevity. ST Coin will contine to hold its value so that everyone would be able to use it as a currency anywhere and as a valuable asset.

A: We have a number of utilities that are either complete, or in the process of being released. We also have plans to introduce other value enhancing utilities in the future. ST Prediction.

Despite many networks' recent progress, the Bianance Smart Chain blockchain remains a pioneer and is continually expanding. Many users and developers are pleased with recent Etherscan upgrades. More significantly, many scam and rug-pull projects continue to be developed. The Bianance Smart Chain blockchain's low gas charge will allow holders to buy, sell, and transfer easily. As a result, we chose Bianance Smart Chain Blockchain as the Shah Token ecosystem's stable base. At the same time, finding reliable strategic partners is becoming simpler for us.

We have two leaders who lead the direction of where ST Coin takes and we currently have a developer team of 13. We mainly work remotely, and assemble as required. All strategic activities are discussed by the group before making decisions.

As ST Coin itself is continuing to grow, different NFTs are being created and soon ready for the public see here!

ST Swap, ST Exchange, ST Index, ST Prediction, ST NFT

A: In addition to raising funds to develop the project, Shah Token Finance will establish a fund to assist international charities that are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic. This fund is called ST Relief Fund. The ST Relief Fund will be distributed to zoo management structures in countries that are facing financial hardship as a result of COVID 19. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the ST Prediction, ST Index, ST Exchange, and ST NFT will be contributed to animal rescue. To efficiently disperse the funds, we will focus on areas where relief is required most To make a donation to the ST Relief Fund, users may directly donate when it becomes available. Thank you very much for your kind contributions to animal rescue!

Exchanges and Price Listings.